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Emu Photo Page
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2 year old Female Emu
You can see her air sac at the base of her neck. It is inflated in the picture. This is where the "Booming" sound comes from.

Week old Emu chicks
This is their first trip outside since they hatched. They are very curious little birds.
Recently hatched!
Only a few hours hold, these two chicks are ready to leave the confines of the hatcher. However, we will keep them there for 24 hours. Their peeping noises encourage the remaining chick, shown here still in the shell.
Emu Today & Tomorrow
The magazine for Emu farmer.
North Dakota Emu Association Booth
Each year the NDEA sponsors a booth during the North Dakota State Fair. The fair is 9 days long and various members of the association take turns manning the booth, selling emu products and providing information to the general public.
Alternative Livestock Display
Each year during the North Dakota State Fair, we participate in the Alternative Livestock Expo. The building houses our emu chicks along with a wide variety of miniature animals, a petting zoo and dog obedience training.
1 month old Emu chick
At this young age, they can already out run us, so it's imperative that he is in a secure pen.
The Big One
This craft fair is held twice a year. It's a major attraction for hundreds of people from all around the region.
Holiday Showcase
Each fall the ND Dept. of Ag. sponsors a "Holiday Showcase" in each of the 4 largest ND cities. You must me a Pride of Dakota member in order to exhibit here. Dozens of people flock to the show to make their annual Christmas purchases.
MEGA Annual Meeting
Each year the members of the Midwest Emu Growers Alliance (MEGA) hold an annual meeting to elect officers, change directors, and introduce new products.
Emu Feather
Although this feather has been dyed, it depicts the true structure of an emu feather. To my knowledge, the emu is the only 'bird' that produces two separate plumes from a single quill.
Emu Oil Booklet
This 24 page booklet covers such things as "Why Emu Oil", "What Does Emu Oil Do For Me", "What The Doctors Say", "Applications" and more.
FICTION: Edward The Emu
A 27 page wonderfully illustrated children's picture book. Written by Sheena Knowles, Illustrated by Rod Clement and published by Angus & Robertson. ISBN 0-207-17051-7
Emu Cookbook
This 162 page recipe book was written by Kathy Newell-Gray MS, RD/LD. Emu meat is very low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, thus making it also low in calories.