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Emu Oil Products
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Our TOP 6 Best Sellers

Pure Emu Oil - 2oz.
$ 10.00 *

100% pure, no additives, preservatives or fragrances. EMU OIL is unsurpassed for its moisturizing properties. EMU OIL comforts stiff muscles and joints, and reduces the inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis. EMU OIL has been found to be very effective on burns of all types. It alleviates pain and dramatically reduces scarring and blistering.
Lip Balm - Pina Colada Flavor
$ 1.95 *

Soothing EMU OIL blend softens and replenishes moisture to dry, parched or chapped lips.


Blown Emu Egg
$ 10.00 *

This gorgeous emerald green color makes emu eggs a favorite of artisans.
Sof'en EM Therapeutic Skin Cream - 4oz.
$ 12.50 *

Made by a local pharmacist this heavy cream contains EMU OIL and is effective for the use on dry, cracked skin of the hands and feet. Mechanics and woodworkers like this.
Moisturizing Body Wash - 8oz.
$ 10.95 *

EMU OIL and whole leaf aloe vera are combined in this unique formulation to provide gentle cleansing all over your body. Lightly scented to leave you smelling fresh and clean.
Hand & Body Lotion - 8oz.
$ 12.95 *

A deep penetrating moisturizer enriched with EMU OIL and aloe vera. EMU OIL penetrates deep below the skin's surface to nourish and rehydrate all skin types.